12 SMART Goals Examples for Insurance Agents

The life of an insurance agent should be full of aspirations. Whether you are a first-time agent or a veteran in the industry, having well-defined objectives to strive for can be the difference between success and failure.

The SMART method will encourage you to stay organized and on track to achieve your professional targets. This post outlines 12 examples of SMART goals that insurance agents could use as inspiration.

What is a SMART Goal?

Using the SMART framework will allow insurance agents to develop practical goals. For those not in the know, SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.

Do you still need clarification? Let’s dive deeper into each component:


When defining goals, you must be specific. Sitting down and writing out a detailed plan for success can make the difference between meeting your targets and falling short of your expectations.

Rather than simply stating you want to become an expert in a particular area, break this goal into smaller steps, such as reading one article daily on relevant topics or attending training once a month.


Measurable goals give insurance agents clear objectives and direction, creating a straight path toward success.

By setting tangible and achievable standards for themselves—such as increasing their client base by 20% or landing two major contracts per quarter—agents can assess their progress more accurately, allowing for better decision making.


Remember to be as realistic as possible when pursuing goals. After all, if you set unrealistic expectations, you may end up disappointed and disheartened.

So how can one determine what is achievable? It starts with understanding yourself and your limitations. Certain factors will influence your ability to reach a goal, so think about these before setting out on the journey.


Developing relevant goals that align with your core values is essential for leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Your goals can be as big or small as you’d like, but they should always focus on what matters to you.

Whether it’s career advancement, exploring a new hobby, or spending time with family, they should help you stay inspired even during difficult times.


The extra time to establish a timeline will pay off in the long run because it will provide more structure, clarity, and focus. Naturally, realize that everyone’s journey is unique; what works for one person might not work for another.

The key is finding a time frame that fits your lifestyle and schedule, so you can make progress without sacrificing other elements of your life or feeling overwhelmed by all the details.

12 SMART Goals Examples for Insurance Agents

Here are several examples of SMART goals for insurance agents:

1. Enhance Communication

“I’ll dedicate one hour daily to actively listening and communicating with my team members and current clients by the end of the next quarter. I want to take the time for two-way conversations, discuss any concerns or questions, and ensure everyone is on the same page.”

Specific: The SMART goal indicates the activity (actively listening and communicating) you need to do, along with the time frame in which it needs to be completed.

Measurable: You could track your progress regarding your conversations and the time spent on each.

Attainable: This goal should be doable with one hour of your time daily.

Relevant: Enhancing communication with your team and customers benefits everyone involved, as it fosters better relationships.

Time-based: Goal completion is expected within the next quarter.

2. Develop Strategic Partnerships

“In order to expand my insurance business and build strong relationships with industry partners, I will make efforts to establish three strategic partnerships within 10 months.”

Specific: The goal states what needs to be done and how long it will take.

Measurable: You can count the number of strategic partnerships established monthly.

Attainable: This can be accomplished by reaching out to potential partners and establishing relationships.

Relevant: This statement applies to the insurance business’ growth and building solid relationships with industry partners.

Time-based: The timeline for reaching this goal is 10 months.

3. Increase Social Media Presence

“I will work to increase my presence on social media over the 7 months ahead. I’ll be using a variety of platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, to share helpful insurance industry insights with my network.”

Specific: You have a clear action plan available—share helpful content on social media.

Measurable: You can monitor the number of followers and interactions your posts receive.

Attainable: This goal is achievable if you dedicate consistent effort to it over the 7-month window.

Relevant: Improving your social media presence is an effective way to reach and engage more people in the insurance industry.

Time-based: Your SMART goal should be met after 7 whole months.

4. Optimize Agency Operations

“I’ll research and implement new processes, technologies, and organizational strategies that improve customer service and simplify our internal operations by the end of the quarter.”

Specific: This goal is straightforward because the person will research and implement processes and technologies that improve customer service.

Measurable: Ensure you measure the efficiency of the new processes and technologies to optimize the agency’s operations.

Attainable: This goal is feasible if the insurance agent takes the time to research and implement the new processes and technologies.

Relevant: Optimizing agency operations is essential for any agent who wants to improve customer service and internal processes.

Time-based: Goal achievement is anticipated by the end of the quarter.

5. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

“I will strive to ensure all my clients feel satisfied with the service I provide them. I’ll work to identify and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently while always being respectful and courteous to all clients.”

Specific: The goal is tailored to providing a high level of customer service.

Measurable: You can track customer complaints and compliments.

Attainable: This is realistic as long as you treat customers professionally and are willing to resolve any issues they may have.

Relevant: Providing a good customer experience is essential for any insurance agent.

Time-based: This goal does not have a specific end date but should be an ongoing commitment.

customer satisfaction

6. Achieve Professional Certification

“I’ll obtain the Certified Insurance Professional designation within one year by completing all required coursework and passing the exam. This credential will help me stay at the top of my game and demonstrate my commitment to providing professional service to clients.”

Specific: The individual wants to obtain a CIP designation in one year.

Measurable: Make sure you complete all required coursework and pass the exam.

Attainable: This is reachable because the individual has planned to complete all necessary steps to obtain the certification.

Relevant: This goal is appropriate because it will help demonstrate professional service to clients.

Time-based: The statement is time-bound because it has a specific timeline of one year.

7. Educate Clients on Insurance Products

“Within the following 6 months, I will create and implement a detailed plan to educate clients on all insurance products available. This way, clients can make informed decisions and develop comprehensive coverage that best suits their needs.”

Specific: This goal involves developing and implementing a plan to educate clients on insurance products.

Measurable: You can evaluate how well the plan is implemented over 6 months.

Attainable: Developing and executing a plan is achievable within the provided deadline.

Relevant: Educating clients on insurance products is an integral part of the job for an insurance agent and helps them make informed decisions.

Time-based: The deadline for this particular goal is 6 months.

8. Get Reviews and Testimonials

“I will aim to get 10 reviews and testimonials from current clients within 6 months. I want to create a positive and reliable image of my agency, and getting reviews from satisfied customers will allow me to achieve this.”

Specific: The SMART goal is explicit because it is clear what the person wants to achieve.

Measurable: You can track how many reviews and testimonials they get within 6 months.

Attainable: Getting reviews and testimonials is a simple task that can be achieved.

Relevant: The goal is to create a positive and reliable image of the agency.

Time-based: Goal attainment is expected within 6 months.

9. Improve Time Management

“I’ll adopt a more effective time management system to increase my productivity and efficiency. By the end of the next quarter, I will have identified and implemented strategies that help me better manage my time.”

Specific: The goal states the objective, what will be done to reach it, and the time frame.

Measurable: You can measure success by looking at how much time you save, and how much more efficient and productive you become.

Attainable: This goal is possible because it focuses on identifying and implementing strategies to manage time.

Relevant: Enhancing time management is pertinent to helping you become more productive and efficient.

Time-based: You have until the end of the quarter for goal completion.

10. Expand Your Network

“I plan to join three professional associations related to the insurance industry in 6 months. I’ll network at these events, including local and national conferences, to build relationships with industry leaders and learn about the latest trends in the insurance marketplace.”

Specific: The aim is to join three professional associations and build relationships through networking.

Measurable: Evaluate progress by tracking the number of associations joined.

Attainable: Joining three professional associations in 6 months is absolutely doable.

Relevant: Networking and learning more about the insurance industry are beneficial to an insurance agent.

Time-based: Completion of this goal is expected after 6 months.

11. Foster Team Collaboration

“Within the next three months, I will create opportunities for my team to collaborate in new and creative ways. This can be done through team building activities or workshops that encourage collaboration and ensure everyone’s voices are heard.”

Specific: The goal is clear. The individual knows they need to create opportunities for their team to collaborate in new and creative ways.

Measurable: The insurance agent can observe the team’s collaboration over time.

Attainable: This is feasible if given the necessary time and resources.

Relevant: This goal is appropriate for the individual’s desire to foster team collaboration.

Time-based: Success will be met within three months.

12. Utilize Technology and Tools

“I’ll create an effective system for using technology and tools to increase efficiency in the office. By the end of 5 months, I want to save time by utilizing the right tech-driven solutions that will help streamline workflows and processes.”

Specific: This goal states the task (creating an effective system) and how long it should take to complete (5 months).

Measurable: You can check the time you are saving by using technology and tools.

Attainable: Having an effective system for utilizing technology and tools is definitely achievable.

Relevant: Using technology can help boost efficiency in the workplace.

Time-based: The goal statement should be accomplished in 5 months.

Final Thoughts

Establishing SMART goals will allow you to make steady progress in any endeavor. Insurance agents can use the listed examples of SMART goals as a guideline for developing specific objectives tailored to their needs.

So take the time to think through each goal and adjust as necessary. You will be more likely to succeed and make meaningful strides toward success.

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