How to Be Successful: 12 Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

Success is defined as the accomplishment of meeting your goals in any area of your life. Of course, everyone has a different outlook on success. Perhaps to some, success is retiring early and spending valuable time with family.

Others might want to experience new cultures by traveling around the world. Whatever your goals may be, becoming successful varies based on your needs and situation. 

And with complete honesty, the likelihood of goal attainment is exceedingly slim for many people. The odds are stacked against them because they don’t have the right tactics and strategies to achieve their desired goals.

On the bright side, there is no better time to aim for success than now. With the creation of goal-setting tools, there are plenty of ways to help you be successful, which wouldn’t have been possible decades ago.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that this digital age is truly the best time to be alive. So what can you do to increase your chance of goal achievement? How can you reach your dreams once and for all?

Everyone should make their lives more successful by turning their dreams into reality. Here are 12 ways to assist you in reaching your dreams.

1. Set Goals for Yourself

All dreams are fleeting, and there is a minuscule chance of fulfilling them. That’s why you need to turn your dreams into goals. Goals are more effective than dreams.

A goal tends to be specific and time-bound, which pushes you to stay committed throughout your journey to success. And consider setting different types of goals.

Short-term goals will assist you in making baby steps toward your ideal destination. Meanwhile, long-term goals are broader in scope, and they keep your eyes on the winning prize.

Once you have developed several goals, you are doing everything necessary to realize your aspirations.

2. Create a Strategic Plan

It would be best if you had a strategized plan for achieving your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to action planning.

Each tactic highly depends on each individual and the kind of goals they hope to attain. It’s essential to write down each step of your plan. Writing them down will make them more concrete and tangible.

You must first use the proper techniques to meet your goals and dreams. This might involve creating a SWOT analysis, allowing you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

With a working action plan, you have created a system for efficiently monitoring and evaluating your progress.

3. Put Your Dreams into Action

You won’t accomplish goals without putting things into action. It’s easy to shut down your brain and ignore essential tasks at hand, but that won’t take you anywhere. After all, dreams don’t make you successful; actions do.

do the work

Countless successful business owners and CEO made it because they were action-driven. They didn’t sit around waiting for opportunities; they earnestly grabbed hold of them.

If you dedicate effort and time to mastering your craft, you will eventually see what success means. It’s not about excessively thinking, but taking concrete steps to reach your goals.

What is your dream? What are your ambitions? When you have them in mind, start actualizing your burning desires. Although you may not knock down every single goal, making little progress alone is already impressive.

4. Sharpen Your Expertise

It’s impossible to become an expert at everything; it’s just not practical. Nor can you be the best with no practice and effort. However, you can start sharpening your skills to get there slowly.

If you’re motivated to be successful, take the time to learn better communication and leadership skills. By committing to mastery and getting better at what you do, you will have a leg up compared to competitors.

To illustrate, to be a better swimmer, you might swim every day for a year. Try different swimming techniques, and your body movement will be closer to perfection.

You don’t want to be someone who isn’t highly skilled in any area. If this applies to you, recognize that building your expertise is key to attaining your lifelong aspirations.

5. Be Realistic

If your goals are too far a reach, reconsider your priorities. Be honest: Is your lifelong goal of building 5 multi-billion dollar companies practical? Probably not.

You must understand this point because working towards an unrealistic goal will be a heavy burden. It’ll cause you to burn out. And in the first place, why can’t you start small? Start a side business and slowly scale up from there.

You can’t expect to crunch all your milestones into one year. Put forth timelines that make sense. Otherwise, everything you’ve worked towards might completely collapse.

6. Don’t Expect a Shortcut

Even if your circumstances aren’t the best, you should still put in your 100% effort. Don’t count on a lucky encounter to be successful. As the old saying goes, hard work leads to success.

Since there are a lot of difficulties in life, you need to have the mindset of a successful goal-setter. Be patient. Put in the work and do not delay.

There’s no secret to success. A random person won’t hand over $1 million to you, so don’t waste time hoping something like that will happen. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning.

You can only depend on yourself to achieve your goals. Thus, no matter what, you should expect a challenging path to success.

7. Stop Seeking Validation

While validation is OK and all, there comes the point where excessively craving validation is an easy way to make you feel inadequate.

It may cause you to rely on others to get by. And if you’re looking to become successful, this validation-seeking behavior could lead you astray.

How can you find success in the people around you? Your colleagues, parents, and friends have different viewpoints, which might not be helpful to you in the long run.

Stop looking for attention and live life on your own terms. Start asking yourself: Is this the lifestyle I want to have? This is a crucial question because it determines whether you can follow through with achieving big goals.

If your answer is no, then start working to change your lifestyle. Don’t let outsiders cloud your thinking because only you know yourself the best—no one else truly does.

8. Enjoy the Journey

Becoming successful will inevitably have challenges. So why not make the journey an enjoyable one? Many people strive toward their goals, and some feel stressed and burned out.

It would help if you instead tried to have fun along the way. Learn new things and be excited about meeting people. Focus on success, but don’t be too obsessed over it, and do not overwork yourself to death.

At the end of the day, enjoy what you do. Be intentional about creating positive experiences in your day-to-day life.

9. Remove Distractions

Do you ever feel distracted by everyday things? If so, consider making a list of distractions that block your success.

no distractions

Silence your phone notifications. Turn off the television. If you want to manage time each day, ensure that you avoid distractions at all costs. Be clear about welcoming healthier habits into your daily life.

As long as you’re dedicated to sharpening your ability for better focus, your journey will be much more smooth sailing.

When you work on tasks, you make better decisions about what needs to be done. Your productivity will also see a drastic enhancement.

10. Stay Open to Learning

Every so often you have to ask yourself, “Am I learning?” If the answer is no, then you are doing something wrong. Learning is a vital process of personal growth. If you don’t learn, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Of course, it’s equally crucial for your learning to be the right kind. Learning the tax system in your country is much more valuable than knowing the average number of times a person blinks.

As you accumulate knowledge, you are edging closer and closer to the end game. Keep at it and brand-new opportunities for success will be open to you. Life will only get better from there.

11. Develop Good Habits

Creating good habits will improve your ability to manage time and help you live more meaningfully. Simple practices like planning tasks for next week or exercising regularly can set the foundation for success.

Here are some more examples:

  • Do you often procrastinate? Set aside time in the day when you get meaningful work done.
  • Have trouble sleeping at night? Drink some herbal tea to ease you into relaxation.
  • Do you have an addiction to smoking? Get rid of your lighters and ashtray—transition to something tastier, like cheesecake.
  • Are you someone who overthinks too much? Try meditation for just 10 minutes in the morning.

Almost all successful people embrace positive change. They recognize that unhealthy habits can drag them into the mud.

So make an effort to change your bad habits into good ones. Quit sabotaging yourself, and be committed to a healthy lifestyle.

12. Be a Better Estimator

Some people think that if they work hard, they can master a skill in a month. However, the reality is—it will take years of daily practice before you get great at something.

If you assume you can finish a project by the end of the month, it might take 6 months instead. Setting high standards is a sign of being bad at estimating the time to reach objectives and goals.

This is a valuable lesson for you because the actual effort required to attain the desired outcome is usually much more than you think.

Gauge the right effort and become a better estimator. You’ll be able to pace yourself easily and do the work smartly.

Final Thoughts

Your meaning of success is personal to you. Do you see yourself taking a night stroll, feeling the cool wind and the moonlight gazing upon you? Or perhaps you prefer to give motivational speeches to the younger generation.

Whether it be a great career, family, or something else, you should strive to meet your dreams and goals. If you have been drifting through life being too comfortable, there is little sense of fulfillment. Something must be changed.

Becoming successful comes down to goal setting and making an action plan. Even if you are afraid to make the leap because of the fear of failure, you must embrace the unknown.

Your dreams may be hard to attain, but they’ll be worthwhile. Embrace your inner desires and goals. Work towards what brings you fulfillment and joy. Then your future achievements will be limitless.

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