12 SMART Goals Examples for Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to getting packages from point A to point B. As such, they must set SMART goals to complete the job as efficiently and accurately as possible.

By creating these goals, you can ensure all deliverables are completed on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. Here are 12 SMART goals examples that delivery drivers can use to improve their performance.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

What is a SMART Goal?

The SMART system is a powerful tool that can help delivery drivers set practical goals for enhancing their performance. The acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.

Still unsure how this applies to you? Let’s break down each aspect of the SMART criteria:


Setting vague goals can lead to confusion, wasting both time and fuel. However, when delivery drivers craft precise goals, they better understand what must be done, leading to greater productivity and fuel efficiency.

That involves identifying the necessary actions and who is responsible for them. Having a clear plan allows you to easily navigate your route, saving time and avoiding potential roadblocks.


Monitoring your progress toward goal completion is vital. This allows you to identify areas where improvements can be made, such as reducing delivery times or improving customer satisfaction.

Without this component, it’s arduous to determine whether your efforts are making a significant impact or if you’re going in circles.


It’s exciting to dream big, but without a robust plan and realistic expectations, you might find yourself falling short.

Given the realities of your job, consider what’s truly achievable. Consider your available resources and the deadline for success. That doesn’t mean you can’t aim high. The secret lies in striking a balance between ambition and feasibility.


When you establish goals aligning with your personal values, you’ll feel more inspired to achieve them. Your core values act as a compass, keeping you on the right path to excellence.


Realize that having a well-defined timeline allows you to stick to your schedule and focus on your goals. Success doesn’t happen overnight, so setting a deadline encourages dedication and hard work over time.

12 SMART Goals Examples for Delivery Drivers

1. Increase On-Time Deliveries

“I will strive to complete 100% of my deliveries on time for the following 6 months. I’ll plan my routes more carefully, ensuring I leave early enough for traffic delays and double-checking delivery addresses before leaving.”

Specific: This is explicit since you have outlined a plan to increase on-time deliveries.

Measurable: Check off your deliveries daily and calculate the percentage of on-time deliveries at the end of the 6 months.

Attainable: This is realistic since you are setting a goal for yourself that is within reach.

Relevant: On-time delivery is essential to being a successful delivery driver, making this an appropriate goal.

Time-based: Your goal should ideally be achieved after 6 months.

2. Reduce Delivery Errors

“I’ll aim to reduce delivery errors by at least 25% in the next 7 months. Currently, we are averaging 6 delivery errors per month, and I want to bring this down to four per month.”

Specific: Your SMART goal is clear, and the timeline for completion is stated.

Measurable: You can monitor the number of delivery errors each month to track progress.

Attainable: This is feasible as it doesn’t require a drastic reduction in delivery errors over an extended period.

Relevant: Decreasing delivery errors will result in more efficient operation for the company.

Time-based: There is a 7-month timeline to complete this goal statement.

3. Minimize Vehicle Repair Costs

“For the next quarter, I will minimize my vehicle repair costs by scheduling regular maintenance and completing any minor repairs as soon as they are noticed. I’ll also keep a record of all repairs and maintenance items.”

Specific: You have clear actions—schedule maintenance and make repairs immediately.

Measurable: Track your monthly vehicle repair costs to determine progress.

Attainable: With regular maintenance and prompt repairs, you should be able to reduce vehicle repair costs.

Relevant: Keeping repair costs low is vital for the success of the delivery business.

Time-based: Work toward this goal over the course of a quarter.

4. Lower Fuel Consumption

“I want to lower the fuel consumption of delivery drivers by 10% in one year. This will be accomplished through improved driving techniques, such as avoiding hard braking and coasting to a stop.”

Specific: This goal is clear, specifying the exact target for fuel savings and how it’ll be met.

Measurable: Fuel consumption can be gauged through fuel records and driver reports.

Attainable: It’s possible to reduce fuel consumption by implementing improved driving techniques.

Relevant: Lowering fuel consumption reduces costs and emissions that contribute to climate change.

Time-based: The statement has a time frame of one year for success.

5. Improve Route Planning Efficiency

“I’ll use route planning software to calculate the most optimized routes and reduce time spent on each delivery within three months. That way, I can deliver more packages in one workday.”

Specific: The aim is to use a particular software for calculating the most optimized routes.

Measurable: Track how much time you’ve spent on each delivery over three months.

Attainable: With the help of route planning software, you can reduce the time spent on each delivery.

Relevant: Improved route planning leads to efficient delivery operations and cost savings in the long run.

Time-based: You have three entire months to reach goal achievement.

6. Earn Positive Reviews From Customers

“I will strive to earn positive customer reviews by ensuring their orders are always delivered on time by the end of two months. I’ll also pay close attention to customer feedback and take the appropriate steps to rectify any issues they may have.”

Specific: Your goal is to earn positive reviews by delivering timely orders.

Measurable: You can assess the number of positive reviews to estimate progress.

Attainable: This should be feasible if you are consistent with your delivery times.

Relevant: This SMART goal is relevant to the growth of your delivery service.

Time-based: You expect to meet this goal by the end of two months.

7. Safely Handle All Packages

“I’ll maintain a safe delivery of all packages in my care in three weeks. I will wear the proper safety equipment while delivering, inspect packages for visible damage before loading them onto the truck, and ensure all items are properly secured inside the vehicle before leaving on each delivery.”

Specific: This is detailed because it focuses on one area: safely handling all packages.

Measurable: Monitor safety on each delivery trip by using the proper equipment and inspecting packages.

Attainable: The timeline of three weeks to maintain a safe delivery is definitely realistic.

Relevant: Safely delivering packages in your care is essential to being a successful delivery driver.

Time-based: There is a three-week deadline to accomplish excellence.

8. Expand the Delivery Service Area

“For the 5 months ahead, I plan to research and identify four new delivery areas for the business and make necessary arrangements for us to service them. That includes obtaining the necessary driver’s license and setting up a delivery route for each area.”

Specific: Research four new areas and make necessary arrangements, including obtaining a driver’s license and setting up delivery routes.

Measurable: Ensure you research new areas and the number of driver’s licenses acquired.

Attainable: Researching potential areas for expansion and obtaining the necessary driver’s license is within reach.

Relevant: Expanding the service delivery area will increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Time-based: Five months are required to reach the desired outcome.

9. Maintain Vehicle Cleanliness

“The driver will clean and maintain their delivery vehicle, ensuring it is in good condition. This includes washing the vehicle’s exterior at least once a week and inspecting the interior daily for any damage.”

Specific: The goal outlines comprehensive details such as when to inspect (daily) and what should be inspected (interior).

Measurable: Ensure the driver washes their vehicle’s exterior at least once a week and inspects the interior daily.

Attainable: The frequency of inspections is doable for one person if they make it part of their routine.

Relevant: Keeping the delivery vehicle clean is crucial for safety and appearance.

Time-based: This is ongoing since the vehicle likely needs cleaning regularly.

10. Effectively Manage Your Schedule

“Over the next month, I will create and adopt a system for effectively managing my schedule to stay organized and maximize time efficiency. I hope to improve the speed of deliveries without compromising customer satisfaction.”

Specific: The SMART statement involves creating and implementing a system for better managing one’s schedule.

Measurable: This is evaluated by the speed of deliveries and customer satisfaction ratings.

Attainable: It is doable to create a system that maximizes time efficiency.

Relevant: Improving the speed of deliveries without compromising customer satisfaction applies to delivery drivers.

Time-based: Goal accomplishment is anticipated after a whole month.

11. Respond Quickly to Changes

“I will respond quickly and positively to changes in delivery demand, remaining flexible yet confident of my ability to complete the task professionally. I’ll set aside 10 minutes daily to review any updates or requests for orders, delivering them within four weeks.”

Specific: You must respond quickly and positively to changes in delivery demand.

Measurable: Check whether you’ve responded within two hours of any updates or requests for orders.

Attainable: Daily reviews of orders should take at most 10 minutes, making this achievable.

Relevant: Any changes in delivery demand must be considered and dealt with promptly.

Time-based: Your goal statement will be accomplished in four weeks.

12. Achieve Zero Accidents

“The delivery driver wants to achieve zero accidents within the span of 12 months. They will adhere to all safety protocols, wear protective gear, check their vehicle regularly for damage and defects, and use GPS technology when driving.”

Specific: The goal outlines the timeline, safety measures to be taken by the driver, and the desired result.

Measurable: Record the number of accidents that happen every month to assess progress.

Attainable: With the proper safety protocols, zero accidents are feasible in a year.

Relevant: This is relevant as it prioritizes safety and prevents severe vehicle damage.

Time-based: The delivery driver aims to attain zero accidents in 12 months.

Final Thoughts

There are many other SMART goals that delivery drivers can set for themselves. Examples include increasing the number of positive customer reviews and reducing idle time before deliveries.

No matter what goal it is, ensuring that they are SMART will help you stay laser-focused to achieve them successfully. As a delivery driver, you’re uniquely positioned to deliver products that could improve people’s lives.

Continue establishing challenging and achievable goals for yourself, and you’ll be one step closer to success. Make sure to celebrate the small wins along the way to keep your motivation levels high.

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