13 SMART Goals Examples for YouTubers

Are you a YouTuber looking to take your channel to the next level? Setting goals is an integral part of any successful venture, and it’s no different in the world of YouTube.

The SMART method provides structure, allowing you to hone your efforts and measure progress successfully. Here, we’ll look at some great examples of SMART goals for YouTubers.

What is a SMART Goal?

The SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) system will enable YouTubers to establish practical goals for success.

Let’s talk more about each SMART component:


When setting your goals, be as specific as possible. Instead of aiming for a vague goal like “more views,” set concrete targets like “10,000 views per video within 6 months.”

This level of specificity will help you plan the steps needed to achieve your goal and track progress along the way. Getting caught up in creating content without a clear direction is easy, but specificity will surely keep you focused.


Measurability is crucial to becoming a successful YouTuber; you must measure progress to achieve your desired outcomes. With this SMART assessment, you can spot roadblocks that may appear and use them as learning experiences to propel you forward.


Ambition is an admirable quality, yet be aware that not all aspirations are equal. Unrealistic goals can actually impede our development and leave us feeling disheartened.

It is essential to maintain a practical attitude and take the time to assess what can be done in your present circumstances. That may involve adjusting your ambitions or dividing big goals into more achievable milestones.


Constructing meaningful goals that reflect your beliefs will be the driving force for reaching your objectives. Your personal values will act as a moral compass, allowing you to keep on track even during difficult times.


A well-defined timeline allows you to remain focused and keep your eye on the prize. After all, achieving success is not a sprint—it’s a marathon that requires relentless effort and commitment to be nurtured over time.

13 SMART Goals Examples for YouTubers

Here are 13 examples of SMART goals for YouTubers:

1. Increase Subscribers

“I will increase my YouTube channel subscriptions by 10% in the next three months. This will be done by creating high-quality content, engaging with subscribers on social media, and using incentivized campaigns to drive new subscriptions.”

Specific: Content creation, social media engagement, and incentivized campaigns are your main activities.

Measurable: You can count the numbers to measure your success.

Attainable: Creating content and engaging on social media are achievable activities.

Relevant: Increasing subscriptions will increase viewership for your channel.

Time-based: You aim to complete this goal within three months.

2. Improve Viewer Engagement

“I’ll increase viewers’ time watching my videos by 10% by creating more engaging content and compelling visuals within four months. I’ll track progress by monitoring the average watch time for each video and make adjustments accordingly.”

Specific: The statement is well-defined, detailing the objective and how it will be reached.

Measurable: Checking the average watch time for each video will indicate whether the goal is met.

Attainable: This goal can be accomplished by creating more engaging content and visuals.

Relevant: This is relevant to the success of a YouTuber because increasing viewers’ watch time will lead to more viewership and revenue.

Time-based: There is a four-month timeline for achieving success.

3. Grow Social Media Following

“My aim is to increase my YouTube following from 10,000 subscribers to 25,000 in the 7 months ahead. That will be achieved by consistently creating content, engaging with my audience, and using social media to promote the channel.”

Specific: You’ll create more content and use social media to promote the channel.

Measurable: Count the subscribers you have and measure growth over time.

Attainable: This is doable if your content resonates with viewers and you promote it effectively on social media.

Relevant: This goal is related to growing your YouTube following and your influence as a YouTuber.

Time-based: The SMART goal should be reached within 7 months.

4. Enhance Quality Content

“By the end of 5 months, I will produce high-quality and entertaining content to ensure viewer satisfaction and higher retention rates. I will use keyword research and analytics tools to ensure my content is optimized for SEO.”

Specific: This goal focuses on creating quality content that meets viewers’ needs.

Measurable: Monitor viewer satisfaction, watch time, and other analytics tools.

Attainable: The 5-month timeline allows enough time to produce higher-quality content.

Relevant: Creating and optimizing content for SEO will help the channel’s growth.

Time-based: Success should be achieved within 5 whole months.

5. Develop Brand Identity

“Within four months, I’ll develop a consistent brand identity for my YouTube channel that is recognizable and resonates with my audience. This identity should be visible across all my social media channels and in any new video content I create.”

Specific: The person wants to create a recognizable and resonant brand identity for their YouTube channel.

Measurable: Measure the consistency of the brand identity across all platforms and content.

Attainable: Any YouTuber can create a brand identity with enough time and resources.

Relevant: A consistent brand identity is essential for any YouTuber who wants to stand out and develop a loyal audience.

Time-based: The goal should be achieved within four months.

6. Expand Audience Reach

“I want to boost my audience reach by 30% over the following 6 months. I plan to create content that appeals to a broader audience, attend industry events and conferences, and stay active on social media.”

Specific: The SMART statement is to expand the audience reach of your channel.

Measurable: Success is determined by a 30% increase over 6 months.

Attainable: With the proper marketing and networking strategies, reaching a larger audience is possible.

Relevant: This goal is suitable as it will increase your channel’s viewership.

Time-based: The time frame for this particular goal is 6 months.

7. Generate Revenue

“I will increase YouTube channel revenue by 10% within three months by implementing new strategies, such as introducing ads and collaborating with sponsors. I’ll also apply more effective monetization methods to increase my income from the channel.”

Specific: The individual wants to increase their YouTube channel’s revenue by 10%.

Measurable: The revenue will be measured in terms of the percentage change.

Attainable: This is feasible as the person has outlined specific strategies to increase their income.

Relevant: The goal is appropriate as it relates to the individual’s channel and its profitability.

Time-based: The goal is time-bound because it has an end date of three months.

8. Optimize Video Length

“I want to improve my video quality and presentation by optimizing the length of my videos. I will strive to create a series of shorter videos that are no more than 10 minutes each by the end of the quarter.”

Specific: The goal clearly states the objective, what will be done to achieve it, and the timeline.

Measurable: You can measure the length of the videos on a regular basis.

Attainable: This is possible because optimizing video lengths within a quarter is realistic.

Relevant: This goal is pertinent to improving the quality of your videos and presentation.

Time-based: You have one quarter to reach goal completion.

9. Collaborate With Others

collaborate with others

“I want to collaborate with other YouTubers who will help my channel grow and reach a new audience in the following three months. I plan to reach out to potential partners and create joint projects we can work on.”

Specific: You’ll be seeking collaborators and creating projects to work on.

Measurable: You can count the number of collaborations you’ve made.

Attainable: Reaching out to potential partners is within your control, making it a manageable goal.

Relevant: Collaborating with others can help expand your reach and grow your channel.

Time-based: This statement should be achievable in three months.

10. Create Thumbnail Design Strategy

“I’ll create a thumbnail design strategy to grow viewership by 10% across all videos within four months. I want to research popular thumbnails in my niche, focus on composition and contrast, create 3-5 thumbnail templates, and refine them based on user feedback.”

Specific: The YouTuber has outlined the major components of their thumbnail design strategy.

Measurable: You can measure success by tracking viewership figures regularly.

Attainable: The 10% viewership increase is achievable in the given timeline.

Relevant: Creating a thumbnail design strategy is essential to increase viewership.

Time-based: Goal achievement is anticipated after four months.

11. Research Niche Trends and Opportunities

“To stay ahead of trends in my niche, I’ll research opportunities for new content ideas within two months. I aim to find 5 new trends or opportunities that I can use to create fresh content for my viewers.”

Specific: The SMART goal is clear about researching niche trends and opportunities.

Measurable: You can determine progress when finding 5 new opportunities for content.

Attainable: Researching niche trends and opportunities is doable within two months.

Relevant: The goal is appropriate for staying ahead of trends and creating fresh content.

Time-based: Success is expected within two months.

12. Create Merchandise Line

“I will develop a merchandise line to promote my YouTube channel and help increase revenue. I’ll launch a design for the merchandise within three months. This will help promote my brand, increase fan engagement, and provide an additional income stream.”

Specific: The goal is clear, and the individual knows they must create a merchandise line to promote their YouTube channel.

Measurable: Ensure you create and launch a design within three months.

Attainable: This goal is entirely doable with the right resources, creativity, and time.

Relevant: The statement is appropriate to your desire to increase fan engagement, promote the brand, and increase revenue.

Time-based: Three months are required to achieve the SMART goal.

13. Publish Consistently

“I will publish weekly content and maintain a consistent upload schedule within two months. I hope to gain more followers and continue to engage with my audience.”

Specific: The aim is to upload content weekly and maintain consistency in uploading.

Measurable: You should be able to count the weekly videos uploaded.

Attainable: It is possible to maintain consistency in uploading with the right time and resources.

Relevant: The goal is relevant to the individual’s objective of gaining followers and engaging with their audience.

Time-based: Goal attainment will be met within two months.

Final Thoughts

Establishing SMART goals can help YouTubers succeed and build a thriving community. It’s not enough to have a great idea—having concrete objectives and strategies is key to maximizing the chances of attaining them.

With SMART goals, YouTubers can support a lifestyle that is both meaningful and rewarding. So take the time to craft an actionable plan and create content to make you stand out from the crowd.

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