13 SMART Goals Examples for Your Beauty Salon

Are you looking to take your beauty salon to the next level? Do you need help setting goals that are achievable? SMART goals are the perfect tool for improving any business, helping you succeed faster and more efficiently.

The SMART goal framework gives you the ultimate roadmap to success. In this article, we will explore some of the best SMART goals examples geared to enhancing your beauty salon’s performance.

What is a SMART Goal?

The SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) system will enable you to develop effective goals for your beauty salon business.

Do you need more clarity? Let’s dive deeper into each SMART element:


The more specific your beauty salon goals, the better your chances of reaching them. Start by identifying your goals and why it’s crucial for your business. This could be anything from increasing sales or improving customer satisfaction.

Once you’ve identified your goals, chunk them down into smaller steps. For example, if you want to increase sales, you could set monthly targets for revenue. You’ll be able to prioritize tasks and resources effectively.


To succeed with your beauty salon business, you must measure progress accurately. By following the SMART criterion, you can prepare for any bumps in the road and use them as learning opportunities to move forward confidently.


Setting unrealistic goals can lead to disappointment and frustration when you don’t achieve them. But being too conservative in goal setting may also hold you back from reaching your full potential.

Finding the right balance is key. Remember that setbacks are a natural part of any journey to success. Don’t let temporary failures deter you from continuing toward your ultimate goal.


Craft meaningful goals that are in harmony with your principles to inspire you on the path toward achieving what it is you seek. Even in the most trying times, your core values will remain strong and act as a beacon to guide you.


With a well-defined timeline, you can ensure that progress is consistently monitored and your ambitions are always visible. Attaining success is never a one-time event; it requires consistent hard work and dedication fostered over time.

13 SMART Goals Examples for Your Beauty Salon

Here are several examples of SMART goals for your beauty salon:

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

“In order to ensure customer satisfaction, I’ll implement and monitor a survey process within three months. The feedback we receive from the survey will help us identify issues and opportunities that we can address to improve our service.”

Specific: You will create a survey process to measure customer satisfaction.

Measurable: Track how many surveys you receive and the average customer rating.

Attainable: Assuming you have enough resources to create and maintain a survey process, this is achievable in three months.

Relevant: Improving customer satisfaction is fundamental to the success of your beauty salon business.

Time-based: You should expect to complete the survey process within three months.

2. Enhance Brand Awareness

“To increase my salon’s presence, I’ll implement a comprehensive marketing plan to reach customers and create more brand awareness over the next 7 months. The plan will include social media campaigns, email marketing, and PR initiatives.”

Specific: This goal outlines the activities (social media, email marketing, and PR) that must be implemented.

Measurable: You can count the number of followers, email opens, and PR placements.

Attainable: Creating and executing a comprehensive marketing plan in 7 months is realistic.

Relevant: Increasing brand awareness is essential for your salon’s success.

Time-based: Goal completion is anticipated after 7 whole months.

3. Implement Online Booking

“I’ll create and implement an online booking system to make it easier for customers to book appointments and reduce wait times. Within 6 months, this will help us be more organized and efficient and give customers a better overall experience when visiting the salon.”

Specific: The goal is well-defined, stating precisely the objective and how it will be reached.

Measurable: Tracking wait times and customer satisfaction surveys can determine the system’s success.

Attainable: Given the right resources and guidance, creating and implementing an online booking system is possible.

Relevant: This statement applies to making the salon more organized and efficient, improving customer satisfaction.

Time-based: There is a 6-month end date for achieving this goal.

4. Redesign Salon Space

“I will redesign the salon space to create a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere for clients within 5 months. I want to include cozy seating, greenery, and artwork that reflects the salon’s brand.”

Specific: The goal includes redesigning the salon space within 5 months.

Measurable: Ensure you purchase the right furniture and decor that reflect the salon’s brand invitingly.

Attainable: This is doable if you give yourself enough time to plan and purchase the necessary items for a successful redesign.

Relevant: Creating a welcoming space for clients is vital for any salon.

Time-based: Success will be expected after 5 months.

5. Streamline Operations

“I will reduce human errors in the salon by creating and implementing a streamlined system of operations within three months. I hope to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and make it easier for employees to work.”

Specific: This statement explains the goal and has a timeline for implementation.

Measurable: Measure customer satisfaction levels before and after implementing the system to gauge its success.

Attainable: You can create an effective system for the salon within three months.

Relevant: This goal is applicable since it will aim to make operations more efficient while improving customer experience.

Time-based: There is a three-month deadline for meeting this particular goal.

6. Invest in Quality Products

“I will purchase high-quality beauty products with organic and natural ingredients to provide the best services for my clients. By the end of four months, I will have acquired the necessary inventory with natural and organic products to meet my clients’ needs.”

Specific: The goal states what will be done to achieve it and the expected time frame.

Measurable: You can measure the inventory of organic and natural products.

Attainable: This is feasible by planning, budgeting, and investing in quality products.

Relevant: Using quality products to enhance the client experience and maintain safety standards is essential.

Time-based: There is a four-month deadline for completing this goal.

7. Introduce New Treatments

“For the next three months, I want to introduce two new treatments per month to add value to my services and help the salon stand out from its competitors. I’ll use customer feedback surveys and market research to identify the treatments my customers want.”

Specific: The goal is to introduce several new treatments over three months.

Measurable: You can track your progress by counting the treatments you introduce monthly.

Attainable: Introducing two treatments a month is achievable with proper research and planning.

Relevant: Adding new treatments can help the salon stand out from competitors and attract more customers.

Time-based: The SMART goal should be completed within three months.

8. Modernize Salon Equipment

“I’ll modernize my salon equipment by the end of this year. That will enable me to offer my clients a wider range of services and treatments while boosting my salon’s reputation. I will research, compare and select the best equipment within an agreed budget.”

Specific: The aim is to upgrade equipment to improve the services offered by the salon.

Measurable: Quantify success by modernizing the equipment within a time frame and budget.

Attainable: Updating salon equipment can be done as long as funding is allocated.

Relevant: Modernizing equipment will make the salon’s services more attractive and credible.

Time-based: There is a timeline of one year for the goal statement.

9. Create Loyalty Programs

loyalty program

“I want to create a loyalty program for our customers by the end of this quarter. I will offer rewards, discounts, and other incentives to encourage repeat customers and build a stronger relationship with our clients.”

Specific: The goal is easy to understand. The individual knows they need to create a loyalty program for their customers.

Measurable: You can measure success by the number of customers participating in the loyalty program.

Attainable: Creating a loyalty program is doable if given ample resources and time.

Relevant: The goal is appropriate for the individual’s desire to build customer relationships.

Time-based: Goal attainment will be met by the end of this quarter.

10. Promote Online Reviews

“I’ll encourage clients to leave online reviews of their beauty treatments by the end of three months. I hope our beauty salon’s online reviews reflect our commitment to excellent customer care and highlight how we stand out from other beauty salons.”

Specific: The individual wants to encourage clients to leave online reviews of their beauty treatments.

Measurable: You will measure the number of reviews left for your beauty salon.

Attainable: This is achievable with effort and dedication to promoting online reviews.

Relevant: The goal is appropriate because it will help to promote your beauty salon and make it stand out from the competition.

Time-based: The statement is time-bound because it has an end date of three months.

11. Invest in Staff Training

“I want to invest in my staff by offering advanced training opportunities to employees who show an interest and initiative. By the end of 10 months, I’ll ensure that at least three team members have received extra training in a specific beauty service.”

Specific: Three team members will receive extra training in a certain service.

Measurable: The owner can check the number of employees who have undergone additional training.

Attainable: Investing in staff training is possible and a great way to retain employees.

Relevant: This goal is relevant to the salon’s development and growth.

Time-based: Goal achievement is expected within 10 months.

12. Reduce Overhead Costs

“I’ll use data-driven decision making to reduce overhead costs by 10% within 8 months. I will analyze all operating costs and identify areas of potential savings, such as unnecessary maintenance costs, supplies, and equipment.”

Specific: The goal is clear and concise, stating the objective and how it will be accomplished.

Measurable: By using data-driven decision making, the salon can check whether overhead costs have been reduced by 10%.

Attainable: This goal can be met by analyzing all operating costs and identifying areas of potential savings.

Relevant: This is pertinent to the salon’s finances, as reducing overhead costs can help improve profitability.

Time-based: There is an 8-month timeline for accomplishing success.

13. Update Website Design

“To enhance my beauty salon’s digital presence, I’ll create a new website design within the next 6 months that allows customers to easily access information about services and products, schedule appointments, and join our loyalty program.”

Specific: This goal states what needs to be done (create a new website design) and when it should be completed (within 6 months).

Measurable: You can use analytics to track website visits and user engagement.

Attainable: Creating a new website design is an achievable goal for a beauty salon.

Relevant: An up-to-date website design increases customers’ ability to access information, schedule appointments, and join the loyalty program.

Time-based: The SMART goal should be reached within 6 months.

Final Thoughts

SMART goals are an effective tool to help you reach success in any field, including beauty salons. By understanding and using the acronym as a guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a thriving enterprise.

Take action today and start implementing the SMART method into your business plan. With enough devotion and hard work, you can turn your salon into the go-to business for all your clients’ beauty needs.

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