13 SMART Goals Examples for Public Relations

Public relations professionals are responsible for shaping their company’s image and maintaining a positive reputation. To succeed in the field, it is paramount that you develop SMART goals for your PR team.

The SMART method can provide direction, motivation, and a clear path to more publicity for your company. In this post, we will cover various examples of SMART goals for public relations.

What is a SMART Goal?

You must understand the importance of setting goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (SMART). Each element of the SMART system is critical to any PR campaign.


Goals can be challenging to accomplish without specificity. For instance, wanting to “improve brand image” is not precise enough. A better goal would be “increase positive media coverage by 20% within 6 months.” You’ll have a clear roadmap for what must be done and when.


Measurable goals are crucial because they allow every party involved to monitor progress efficiently. So when establishing your goals, ensure that they can be quantified. That way, it will be easier for you to succeed in your PR objectives.


Make sure you consider your PR team’s current abilities and strengths. After, it is important to set challenging goals that are within reach. Unrealistic aspirations may result in frustration for both you and the company.


You should develop goals that revolve around your organization’s vision and values. Setting relevant goals gives you the inspiration and decisiveness to push through hardships. That will enable you and your team to remain energized throughout the journey.


Including a detailed timeline in your goals allows you to prioritize tasks according to their urgency and importance. You will find it easier to manage time better while avoiding any distractions that may derail efforts.

13 SMART Goals Examples for Public Relations

Here are some examples of SMART goals for successful public relations:

1. Increase Media Mentions

“To boost the prominence of our company, I plan to have our CEO or other executives interviewed by at least two major publications within four months. That should raise our company’s profile in the industry and attract more attention to our products and services.”

Specific: The SMART goal is explicit as it aims to increase media mentions through interviews.

Measurable: You can count the number of interviews on a regular basis.

Attainable: This statement is doable with proper planning and coordination.

Relevant: This relates to boosting brand visibility and attracting more attention.

Time-based: Success will be reached after four whole months.

2. Establish Partnerships With Influencers

“I’ll create partnerships with 5 influential bloggers in the target market within two months. I hope these influencers can act as brand ambassadors to promote our products and services, which could increase customer engagement.”

Specific: The goal is evident in establishing partnerships with 5 influencers within two months.

Measurable: You should be able to measure the number of partnerships over time.

Attainable: Recognize that nurturing partnerships is feasible with adequate time and effort.

Relevant: Working with influencers in your target market is vital for public relations.

Time-based: You have a two-month end date to achieve the goal.

3. Improve Social Media Engagement

“I will increase online engagement by creating social media campaigns that enhance brand recognition. I want an increase of 15% in the average number of likes, shares, and comments per post within 6 months.”

Specific: The statement is well-defined, detailing the target metric and the deadline.

Measurable: Success can be assessed by the percentage increase in engagement metrics.

Attainable: You can accomplish this with the correct creative execution and strategy.

Relevant: This pertains to enhancing brand recognition and boosting audience engagement.

Time-based: Six whole months are needed to reach this particular goal.

4. Generate More Backlinks

“I want to increase the number of quality backlinks to our website by 10% in three months. This will be measured by analyzing our backlink profile using Google Search Console and other tools.”

Specific: You want to boost the number of backlinks by at least 10% over three months.

Measurable: You can track the percentage increase in backlinks regularly.

Attainable: This is possible with the right outreach efforts and content strategy.

Relevant: Getting more backlinks will help improve website rankings and public visibility.

Time-based: The goal will be achieved within the three months ahead.

5. Maximize Press Kit Downloads

“I’ll optimize our press kit page for search engines and actively promote it to appropriate media outlets to increase the number of downloads by 10% after three months. This will help us reach a wider audience and build stronger relationships with the press.”

Specific: The SMART goal outlines the overall objective and timeline for lasting success.

Measurable: You have a quantitative measurement: a 10% increase in downloads in three months.

Achievable: Optimizing a page for search engines and actively promoting it is doable.

Relevant: Press kit downloads are vital to nurturing relationships with the press and reaching a wider audience.

Time-based: Goal completion is anticipated after three months.

6. Create Positive Reputation

“My aim is to create a positive reputation for my business in the community for 5 months. I hope to build relationships with local media outlets, engage on social media, and collaborate with influencers.”

Specific: You’ll create a positive reputation for the business using tactics over the given time frame.

Measurable: You could track media coverage, social media engagement, and collaboration with influencers.

Attainable: These realistic steps can lead to building a positive reputation.

Relevant: This goal is suitable because a good reputation is crucial for business success.

Time-based: You have 5 months to accomplish your PR goal.

7. Expand Client Relationships

attract clients

“To build better relationships with our current clients, I will host monthly coffee meetings with existing and potential clients to discuss their needs within the next 6 months.”

Specific: The aim is to expand client relationships through monthly client meetings.

Measurable: Evaluate success by checking the number of hosted meetings.

Attainable: This is a reasonable goal as such meetings allow for building better client relationships.

Relevant: This is relevant to the public relations team as it helps build stronger relationships.

Time-based: Goal attainment is expected within the following 6 months.

8. Increase Website Traffic

“I want to increase website traffic from our current level by 10% over the 6 months ahead. I will combine digital marketing tactics like SEO and paid search campaigns to drive more people to our website.”

Specific: You will strive to increase website traffic by at least 10% over 6 months.

Measurable: Make sure you use effective web analytics tools to succeed.

Attainable: This SMART goal is possible with the help of digital marketing tactics.

Relevant: The PR team should grow website traffic to increase sales and visibility.

Time-based: You have a 6-month window to reach long-term success.

9. Develop Storytelling Strategies

“I will create storytelling strategies that integrate our organization’s mission and values in three months. These strategies will be based on research, insights, and market trends to ensure we engage our target audience best.”

Specific: This goal details the action (create storytelling strategies) and the expected timeline (three months).

Measurable: Assess the effectiveness of the storytelling strategies developed.

Attainable: Creating storytelling strategies is feasible with proper research, insights, and market trends.

Relevant: Effective storytelling can help align the audience with the organization’s mission and values.

Time-based: The goal statement has a deadline of three whole months.

10. Grow Subscriber Lists

“I want to increase our subscribers by 10% within four months from the start of my public relations campaign. I plan to focus on creating content that our target audience will find valuable and use various promotional tactics to reach more people.”

Specific: You want to increase subscribers using promotional tactics for four months.

Measurable: You can gauge progress by regularly tracking new subscribers.

Attainable: This is possible if the tactics are effective and the content is valuable.

Relevant: Growing subscriber lists is paramount to building a loyal customer base.

Time-based: The statement has a specific end date of four months.

11. Enhance Quality of Service Delivery

“For the next 10 months, I’ll strive to improve the quality of service we provide in all areas of public relations. That involves developing customer-friendly policies, increasing response speed to inquiries, and keeping current with the latest industry trends.”

Specific: The goal states what must be done to improve the quality of service (develop customer-friendly policies and improve response speed).

Measurable: These initiatives can be measured by tracking customer satisfaction scores.

Attainable: Enhancing service delivery can definitely be met through well-thought strategies.

Relevant: This is relevant to public relations as it will directly contribute to a better brand reputation.

Time-based: Ten months are required to accomplish this particular SMART goal.

12. Utilize Automation in PR Campaigns

“We’ll use automation and integrated solutions to speed up PR campaign production and distribution within two months. This will enable us to reach more prospects and customers, reduce manual labor costs, and better understand metrics and performance.”

Specific: The team will use automation and integrated solutions to speed up the production and distribution of PR campaigns.

Measurable: You will quantify the success of automation by looking at metrics and performance.

Attainable: This is reachable because automation solutions can help streamline the process.

Relevant: This is relevant because it will help the team reach more prospects and customers.

Time-based: The goal is time-bound because it has an end date of two months.

13. Manage Crisis Situations Efficiently

“I hope to be prepared for potential crises by ensuring the PR team can respond quickly. I want to implement a crisis management plan that covers assessing, responding, and monitoring potential risks in 5 months.”

Specific: The goal specifies what the PR team wants to do to manage potential risks.

Measurable: Measure progress by implementing a crisis management plan.

Attainable: Five months provides enough time for the PR team to create a practical strategy.

Relevant: Managing potential risks is essential to prepare your team for unexpected circumstances.

Time-based: You should anticipate goal completion over 5 months.

Final Thoughts

Using the SMART framework is crucial for any organization seeking success in the PR field. Following the SMART criteria, you can set well-defined goals and measure success.

The listed SMART goals examples discussed in this article offer a starting point for professionals looking to enhance their skills, build relationships and increase brand awareness.

Careful planning and dedication can accomplish these goals, leading to successful outcomes for any business or company.

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